Moiko Multicolour 4 Layer Silk Screen Kit - Leaves

Moiko Multicolour 4 Layer Silk Screen Kit - Leaves

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Moiko Silk Screens are made in Poland by artist Gosia (Malgorzata Wawrzynczak) and are designed for screen printing onto polymer clay but can also be used on many other mediums such as paper and wood.


This multi-screen kit contains FOUR screens that are designed to be layered together to create a multi-coloured effect.  They can still be used independently if you prefer.


These screens have a useable size of 74mm x 105mm (A7).


For best results, we recommend using with Liquitex heavy body acrylic.  Check out our colourful range here!


How to use: 

  1. Place the silk screen bright side down onto your surface e.g. clay
  2. Apply a line of paint (heavy body acrylic recommended) along one edge
  3. Spread across the screen using an old library or credit card
  4. Remove the stencil by lifting up one side slowly
  5. Immediately clean the screen with cold water or the paint will dry and ruin your silk screen!