Zap Gel - 1oz (28.3g) tube - Jewellery Glue

Zap Gel - 1oz (28.3g) tube - Jewellery Glue

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Zap Gel is the glue we love for all things jewellery making! The thick gel is easy to control and doesn't run, ensuring a clean back with strong adhesive to keep earrings posts or pins securely in place. The larger size tube makes controlling the flow easier, with less likelihood of ooze from the tube once finished.

If you use Zap gel to glue earring posts to your polymer clay creations, consider using a craft knife to scratch the post base for better adhesion

Thickest ZAP of all - great for filling gaps. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise application. The role playing gaming industry uses it for gluing pewter and plastic figures. Fly tiers and custom lure manufactures like it because it stays where they want it. Jewelry makers like the high strength and the ability to apply just the right amount. Model builders also like the high strength features and use it for servo mounts, laminating, gluing plywood, anywhere a fast curing high strength joint is needed.

Keep out of reach of children!